My Mission

Hi, I’m Callie, and I absolutely love organising and decluttering spaces. You see, an organised space frees your mind for what truly matters in life: quality time with family &  friends, fulfilling work and simply having fun.

When it comes to helping my clients, I take a friendly and practical approach. I’m all about creativity and personalisation, and promise there’s no judgment here. It’s all about understanding what you want and need from your space, and together, we’ll find the perfect way to make it work for you. No worries, I won’t make you part with anything you want to keep, instead, we’ll find a home for it.  And when it comes to storage, there’s no need for expensive storage purchases (unless you’re into that matching look). We’ll happily repurpose what you’ve already have to create the ideal setup. 

I feel great satisfaction from creating organised spaces that fulfil my clients requirements and makes them feel ace about their space.

See my services page to find out which spaces in your home and workplace I can assist you with.  

About Me

I have a background in administration, making me a pro at handling paperwork and digital files. I also have a knack for creating practical office spaces where everything has its own place.

At home, I’m not just a wife but also I’m a proud Mum of two teenagers. This has given me the chance to gain hands-on experience of adapting our home to reflect the ever changing needs of growing children. From catering to the specific storage requirements of babies and toddlers to those of older children and adults, I’ve become adept at crafting welcoming and adaptable living spaces.

Over the years, we’ve undertaken various home DIY projects, and I’ve been extensively involved in the entire process. From the careful planning that involves interior design, furniture arrangement and fixture shopping to the enjoyable parts like decorating and assembling flat-pack furniture and creating spaces to suit my family’s needs.

I’ve tried many forms of arts & crafts including needle felting, stamping, painting, fabric printing and many more and am experienced at finding storage solutions for the tools and materials. 

Other hobbies of mine are gardening and baking, I make great brownies and lemon drizzle tray bake.  

Want help decluttering & organising?

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