My clients often have questions about the services I offer, here are the answers to the most common ones

Within 20 miles of my location,  I  maybe able to travel further but this will need to be discussed beforehand  and a 45p a mile will be charged for each mile in addition of 10 miles. I offer virtual sessions for those who are not in my local area or like their privacy.   

Yes, we need to have a chat about you needs and requirements,  and so I’m clear on what result you are looking for.  


Each project is different, so the time required will vary.

Face to face (on-site) Decluttering & Organising sessions, where we physically clear the clutter, need to be a minimum of 3 hours in order for you to see a real change in your space.  If you are willing to do the task yourself and just need some guidance I can do a 45-90min consultation. 

Virtual sessions can be tailored to suit your needs. Decluttering & Organising sessions  are usually 45-90mins, where you clear the clutter whilst I advise. Alternatively, you may just want a one-off session to get some guidance on where to start, or need 15 mins  daily for a week to keep you accountable for a task that has a deadline. Book a free consultation to discuss what would work best for you. 



Yes if decluttering is involved. If you have already decluttered and we’ve discussed your requirements some aspects of the organising may be able to be done without you. At the end of the day you will want to know where everything is and the best way to know that is to be part of it.

No, absolutely not, what you dispose of is totally your choice.

Yes we can meet virtually (via video call). I offer Consultations where I give guidance on how to start a decluttering project and help create a plan on how to tackle the task. 

I also offer Decluttering and Organising sessions to those who need accountability and some friendly support. 

No you don’t have to tidy up. Please note I’m not there to clean though, I will wipe a shelf or clean out a drawer before refilling it, but I’m not there to do a deep clean.

If you wish to declutter beforehand and have me help you organise what you’ve decided to keep, that’s perfectly fine.

You only need to purchase storage before our session if we have already discussed this, otherwise we will try to reuse and/or repurpose items you already have. Depending on how much you choose to depart with during the decluttering, you may free up existing storage space anyway.

I do work occasional evenings and weekends, so please get in contact with me to discuss further.

I cannot dispose of rubbish for you as I’ve no commercial waste licence, however I can arrange for a company to do a waste collection (at an additional cost) or you can take it to your local waste collection centre yourself. Items that are suitable for reuse I can take to charity shops (limited to what I can fit in my car) or where possible I can help arrange a collection from you preferred charity.   

Any other questions?